Pre-Ink Stamps

Ink Colors: Red, Blue, Black & Green

Rubber Stamps
Pre-Ink Stamps

Order your personalised pre-ink stamp at Trusted Print. Our pre-ink stamps are great for your business administration or your upcoming event. Stamps are known to be top quality, long lasting stamps and at Trusted Print, you can order them in various sizes, colours and quantities! Start ordering today!

Based Locally In Australia

We are 100% Australian owned and our printing factory based in Sydney, that ensure we can provide a quicker turn over time.

1-3 Days Turnover Time

We offer next day turn around on digital business cards, flyers, postcards, booklet, letterhead, greeting cards and stickers. orders before 12pm Mon - Fri.

Combine Shipping?

ABSOLUTELY! We love all the ways to save your cost! Enjoy your shopping :)

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